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Tips For Moving Day

System - Sunday, April 3, 2016

As moving day fast arrives here are a few tips to help manage yours health and your belongings .

Use Medium and Small Boxes

Keeping the boxes light and not over-packing may increase your trips but it will ensure you and your helpers don’t get injured.


Going for a short walk and doing some light stretching before moving will get your blood flowing and your muscles loosened up. Nobody likes moving boxes with a pulled muscle!

Save Your Back

If you’ve spent any time lifting weights at the local gym now is the time to incorporate what you’ve learned: Use your legs not your back! Using your legs and keeping your back straight (not bent!) will help protect you from hurting yourself. Remember things can shift, slide, tilt and twist when you’re moving different-sized loads.

“The Tool Makes the Job”

Work gloves, good pants and comfortable shoes will keep you in good shape physically, but renting a dolly will make light work of heavy tasks. Remember to use an appliance dolly for stoves, fridges and dishwashers. And protect your floors by laying down empty storage boxes to avoid tearing or scratching your flooring.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Sometimes it’s better to spend the money and hire a professional than risking your possessions or personal health. If you’re trying to move a big item, such as a piano, spend the money and hire someone who knows how to most effectively transport it without the danger that inexperience provides.

Due Diligence

Familiarize yourself with the property you’re moving into before unloading by identifying walkways, awnings, side doors, and other available entrances. Knowing your options before you’re loaded up will help in the event you need to redirect at the last moment.

Dress the Part

Slip-resistant shoes and comfortable clothes are great for moving day.

Stay Hydrated

Drinks and nutritious snacks will provide you and yours with the fuel needed to get you through the day.

Don’t Forget the Babysitter!

As much as the little ones want to help with the move, it only takes a second to lose track of them. Schedule your sitter early so they can play freely while you’re hard at work.

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